I’m A Leader Because of You

Through The Eyes of A Girl Scout is a new feature on our blog and is a multi-part series that explores different parts of a girl’s life, impact, achievement, and experiences through Girl Scouts. Molly, our narrator, is a metaphor for every Girl Scout in our council.

Hi! Molly here. I wanted to share some exciting news that I can hardly contain! As a Cadette who recently completed 6th grade (what a year!), I FINALLY was able to apply to Leaders in Action, the Day Camp Teen Leadership Program. My Daisy days feel like just yesterday, even though I bridged THREE TIMES since then! I’m a little nervous about seventh grade next year, but I keep growing and growing in Girl Scouts, so I know I can do anything I set my mind to.

I received some good news from the Girl Scout Camp team yesterday! I am going to OFFICIALLY be a Leader in Action through the Leadership in Action (LiA) program! I can already feel the mud beneath my boots, breathe in the fresh country air, and feel the cool water. I wonder if it will feel different when I teach my favorite outdoor skills like creeking and hiking to young girls. I remember when I was their age – I so looked up to the leading Girl Scouts, and now I am one of them! My best friend Jamie is going on vacation the entire summer, so this will be my first summer without her, but I am excited to meet so many new friends in the Leaders in Action program.

I can’t wait to mentor and teach younger Girl Scouts about outdoor skills like hiking safely, sticking together, thriving independently, and the wonderful life at camp where girls can truly be themselves and make authentic, lasting friendships! Girl Scouts has given me all the skills I need to succeed as a leader in this program (and so many more! I can’t wait to earn my Bronze Award.) I am so grateful for donors like you, who make this program and so many more possible! When I hike through the woods, go creeking, and wade through familiar waters, I know that your generosity is why I am able to be here, and why I now have the opportunity to lead at camp!

I shared this exciting news with my troop, and they were super happy for me! I can’t wait to get started. When I came home, I journaled for a little bit, a new habit that my troop decided we should all start doing. During my gratitude journaling, I wrote about how grateful I am to have Girl Scouts in my life. Without Girl Scouts, none of this would be possible! Because of people like you who support Girl Scouts, I am a leader. I wouldn’t feel confident enough to apply for a leadership position, let alone find one!

I want to thank EVERYONE who has helped make sure Girl Scouts can continue giving leadership skills and experiences to girls like me! Most folks don’t really realize how much time and money goes into teen leadership programs like the Leadership in Action program I’m so excited to start.

Membership and Camp fees only can cover a little bit of this cost. Without generous donors like you, I wouldn’t be able to lead, mentor, or teach younger girls in my community. I wouldn’t be able to experience the growth I’ve had in Girl Scouts and the leadership experiences they provide me with. Sharing this community is super important to me, and I know that our membership fees or cookie sales can’t cover all the amazing experiences I’ve had. It’s people like YOU who support Girl Scouts financially that my troop, my friends, and my Girl Scout family can truly THRIVE!

Because of you, I have secured a leadership position! I have the skills and confidence to know that I can be a leader and mentor to younger girls. Because of you, I have a strong and ever-growing community of girls that I feel is a second family to me. Will you make sure that I can continue to learn and grow in Girl Scouts? I have so so much more to learn! And because of you, I will keep growing!

Initiatives like the End of Year campaign are imperative to my growth and the growth of my peers in Girl Scouts. Without donors like you, I wouldn’t be able to grow in confidence, character, and courage! This year, Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland is seeking to raise $10,000 for their End of Year appeal. Will you champion me and other girls in our community? Donate today to ensure we can keep learning and growing, because of YOU!

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