I’m Not Scared Anymore

Through The Eyes of A Girl Scout is a new feature on our blog and is a multi-part series that explores different parts of a girl’s life, impact, achievement, and experiences through Girl Scouts. Molly, our narrator, is a metaphor for every Girl Scout in our council.

Hi. My name is Molly. I’m not who I used to be. I used to be a really, really shy girl! I started Girl Scouts when I was only in kindergarten as a fresh Daisy! I remember being sooo scared and shy, I barely talked to any of the other Girl Scouts.

My mom told me about Girl Scouts, and she put me into a troop even though I was scared. I’m so glad that she pushed me outside my comfort zone, because I have grown so much!! I started sixth grade earlier this year, and I am so excited to officially be in middle school! I was a part of an awesome program in Girl Scouts where I learned more about space, and because of that program, I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!
I had no idea how much time and money goes into Girl Scouts. I guess being in charge of Girl Scouts and troops across Ohio really does come with a price! I am doing a project for one of my classes to learn about all the pieces and parts that go into a business (just like my cookie business!), and I chose Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland as my focus.

Most folks don’t realize that the cost of all the amazing programs I’ve participated in, the camp experiences, and all the fun adventures Girl Scouts gives us can’t be covered by membership fees alone. That’s why donations are so important to nonprofits like Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland!

I remember how important and valuable Girl Scouts became to me, made possible by supporters and donors like you. As a Daisy, I went to every troop meeting, got to know the other girls, and pretty soon, they became my best friends! I will never forget participating in Mini Mad Mud. We started, bright eyed and nervous, and soon enough, I got so muddy – it was a blast! My white shirt was brown by the time we crossed the finish line! Slipping around in the mud and splashing my friends as we giggled was a feeling I will remember forever. Navigating my way through the course and overcoming obstacles taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to! I had so much fun, and I remember running to the Mini Mad Mud finish line hand-in-hand with one of my new Girl Scout friends, Jamie. Jamie is my #1 BFF now, and we’re even in some classes at school together! We both moved from Daisies, to Brownies, to Juniors, and now we are Cadettes.

As I continue to grow and make more friends in Girl Scouts, I am so grateful I am for people like you – people who support Girl Scouts! Without you, I never would have grown THIS much in confidence, character, and courage. It’s because of people like you that I am so much more confident! Because of you, I can participate in programs that help me grow and lead! Because of you, I can keep going to troop meetings and keep growing.
At our last troop meeting, we talked about our plans for the upcoming year. I told everybody loud and clear what I wanted to do this year: go for the Bronze!!! The Bronze award is an award Cadettes can win as a troop by creating a take-action project to better our neighborhood. If the Kindergarten version of me could see me today, voicing my thoughts in front of a roomful of people, she would just faint!

That’s why I feel so lucky to have supporters and donors like you championing me – without you, none of this could have been possible! Because of you, I am constantly pushing myself to be the best version of myself. I never would have been able to grow and accomplish so much without you, and I am only going to do more with your support!

I want other girls to grow in confidence like I did!

My life would be completely different if I didn’t have Girl Scouts.

I would never have met my best friends. I would not have so many inspirational role models. I would not be confident as a leader, or in my STEM abilities. I probably still would have blushed and put my head down when I was called on in class! But now, I happily raise my hand and take charge at school!
Miss Margret, a role model of mine, told me about a thing called “Giving Tuesday”. Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement to give! I thought, that’s what Girl Scouts is all about – giving to others, ourselves, and our community! I hope you will join me and millions of people who donate on Giving Tuesday, November 29!

Because of you, I am a leading girl in my troop and among my friends at school. Because of YOU, Jamie is my #1 BFF for life!!! I am confident enough to be an outgoing and welcoming face to every new Girl Scout in my troop.

Because of you, I’ve made friends I love and treasure. I am learning to be independent and voice my own opinions. I have endless potential, and I believe in myself. Help me and other girls continue to grow in confidence, courage, and character when you donate to Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland on Giving Tuesday, November 29. Because of you, I will become anything I dream to be.

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